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Being an admitted railfan for over 40 years, I’ve often wished I could share my love of railroading with my family and friends during a special event. It should be a fun and entertaining attraction that everyone could enjoy. Plus, wouldn’t it be neat if it had the look and feel of a real train? Well……

Introducing CHOO CHOO EXPRESS Trackless Trains!

Choo Choo Express Trackless Trains has become the answer!! From the Locomotive’s old fashion steam train look, ringing bell, blowing horn, to the authentic gondola freight cars and trailing little caboose, Choo Choo Express has become the perfect addition to many family events. Now wherever we go, it is the must ride attraction for birthdays, festivals, carnivals and fairs.

Parents and Community Leaders alike enjoy the realistic look of the Choo Choo Express trackless train and the family value it brings to their events. It is also a great promotional tool when advertising a function. A train ride attacts young and old from all over. People also love to watch it go by and wave while their friends ride the train.

For added atmosphere, we can dress up in train gear and engineer hats and can also provide a train station (where permitted) and a railroad crossing sign for fun. And… if you listen closely, one of our Engineer’s may even share a few True Train Tales about railroad historical events for your enjoyment. Oh boy…a fun train ride and railroad history too!

With the Choo Choo Express Trackless Train, now I can share my love of railroading and the fun of train rides with family and friends while providing a safe and entertaining attraction to the riding public. What a Blast! Can you say… ALL ABOARD! Let’s Ride!!!

Choo Choo Express trackless train is the perfect addition for family functions, school carnivals, birthday parties, community festivals, holiday celebrations, even corporate and promotional events.

We hire out By-the-Hour or Per-Ride to meet your event needs.


Fully Insured and ready to roll. Call today!

It’s time catch a ride on the Choo Choo Express Trackless Train.  Now arriving at your special event…